COMPASS Youth Collaborative, Inc. offers positive youth development programs five days a week throughout the school year to support, extend and enhance students’ academic success in a seamless transition. We serve more than 600 youth between the ages of 10 and 17, and provide educational, cultural, community service learning and recreational programming at each site.

Complementing our school year program is our highly regarded summer program that works with the school to prevent summer learning loss and expose students to fun and innovative programs.

Now in its fifth year, COMPASS continues to partner with the City of Hartford to implement Peacebuilders, a violence-prevention initiative. The Peacebuilders Initiative’s mission is to increase peace on the Hartford streets by mediating individual and group conflicts and linking youth who are immersed in violence to resources and support that leads them toward more positive lifestyles.


COMPASS raises the expectations of youth, inspires families, and builds peace in the community.


In pursuing our mission, COMPASS Youth Collaborative’s efforts focus on helping young people navigate through and around challenging social and economic obstacles to educational achievement so that they can realize their fullest potential—in school and beyond.


COMPASS Youth Collaborative, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)3, was established in 1995 as the Southend Knightriders Youth Center. The youth center was created in response to the rash of gang activity in the Barry Square and Southend neighborhoods in Hartford. As our funding changed, it became evident that the best preventative method for reaching youth was to go through the school system.

In 2004, through a very competitive selection process, the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving awarded COMPASS Youth Collaborative, Inc. a grant to implement and coordinate quality after-school programs in two Hartford schools: Bellizzi Middle School (BMS), and Hartford Magnet Middle School (HMMS). In September 2008, COMPASS expanded to serve Burns Academy for Latino Studies, and has since partnered with the acclaimed violence prevention initiative, Peacebuilders. 


Guided by its fundamental objective—to raise the expectations of youth—COMPASS Youth Collaborative fulfills its mission by offering high-quality programs and services designed to enrich youth, empower residents and build assets through partnerships.



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