Join Us on Our New Inspirations Campaign

COMPASS Youth Collaborative Inc. is committed to raising the expectations of youth, inspiring the lives of families and building peace within the community. To date we have had the privilege to serve over 1,000 youth and families in the South-end of Hartford.

Over the years, many young people have reported being inspired by the staff at COMPASS, and in turn have chosen to give back to their communities by working at COMPASS. If you are or were a member of the COMPASS community, we invite you to think about the folks who may have inspired you: given you permission to dream, believed in you, opened doors to new opportunities. Maybe it was a teacher who recognized your untapped potential, or maybe it was the community youth worker who introduced you to a particular program. No matter where we may have come from, or what the circumstances of our lives, what we all have in common is that we would not be where we are today without support.

We hope you will choose to join COMPASS in our Inspirations Campaign and answer the call to inspire the youth of today. To learn more about how you can inspire the lives of youth in Connecticut. please visit our 'Make a Difference' page, or contact Bruce Beggs at 860-296-2855 ext. 303 or via email at .